by Hello Caller

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Hello Caller is a band of reckless lovers from Austin, Texas. You might know them there:
Brian Ferguson, Will Wolfe, Jeff Crozier, Brendan Bond, Tyler Dunnam.


released August 15, 2011



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Hello Caller Austin, Texas

Dark folk, jangle rock. Hello Caller is a band from Austin, Texas.

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Track Name: We Caught Fire
We're all alone here, the city's quiet. You're drinking lonely, don't be shy. Your thoughts are aimless, your lips are dry. You're speaking only when required. We're taking shelter and building fires. We thought we'd do fine.

The streets are empty, the gas is dry. We're leaving only when required. Your hands are cold here, right next to mine. We saw things get dire. We thought we could die here.

Go raiding the stores, we'll throw bricks through glass doors. We'll go in and pull out what we find there. These pacing patrols of the neighbors will show that these places are known to be violent.

We called to cease fire. We're caught hand in jar. He thought we were liars; he says we conspire. We thought we caught fire.

Our stomach's empty; it hurts to sigh. We're missing only what's required. Our shelves are barren, our faucets dry. We thought we caught fire!
Track Name: Box Above the Belt
Well, these things here are your clothes. Put them on so we can go out in the rain. Come and see these people fight, it happens almost every night of the week. They're bleeding from their mouths, drinking water and spitting out into the drain. In this mellow streetlight gold, steady hands and broken souls, face to face.

Outside this rundown city bar, things just cannot seem to be harder to explain. But they're thinking with their mouths and drinking all of these things out into the day. "Please let me see all your cards," or so they'll say. "These pieces we have picked apart, just because."

Our old gloves left on the shelf, we'll put them on so we can box above the belt. Routine duty speaks for those of us who don't have anything to sell. Well you've been chasing all these hours, sitting up and standing down. Are you okay? Wearing out your skin and bones, you look just like you've seen a ghost. Are you looking at me?

You're speaking in a lonely tongue. What did you say? You said, "I curse myself for what I've done. Are we okay?" These reasons we have picked apart will hold their sway. They say what we have seen will now be lost, just because.
Track Name: Fits the Crime
Where two roads arrive, we said goodbye, goodbye. We'll find a way to get home. Do you stay to see it go? There is a way to explain it all. If we are wise, it doesn't show.

As we indulged in crimes, in late July, July. With no surprise to see us gone, this is the place to where we're drawn. So you can stay or you can come along. We have supplies that you can hold.

And true love survives in between knives and lies. If you're surprised, it doesn't show. Blink your eyes to watch it go, and take the time to understand it all. We are obliged to watch it grow.

And we all feel fine, so we'll all be fine. We think our lives are in control; set the pace to make it go. And who's to say we haven't changed at all? It fits the crime to be untold.

And we'll all decide, decide. And we'll all be right, be right.