Dark Twain

by Hello Caller

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Hello Caller presents Dark Twain
Written by Brian Ferguson and arranged by Hello Caller
Produced and engineered by John Michael Landon
Recorded at Estuary Recording Facility in Austin, Texas between winter solstice 2011 and summer solstice of 2012
Mastered by Steve Fallone at Sterling Sound - www.sterling-sound.com
Photography by Martin Stranka - www.martinstranka.com
Illustration and design by Liz Roseberry - www.lizroseberrydesign.com
Legal work handled by Martin Frascogna - www.frascognalaw.com
Copyright © 2012 by Hello Caller
Official site at www.hellocaller.com


released November 6, 2012

Brendan Bond - trumpet, xylophone, percussion, vocals
Jeff Crozier - bass guitar, upright bass, vocals
Brian Ferguson - guitar, banjo, vibraphone, piano, lead vocals
Will Wolfe - drums, percussion
Tyler Dunnam - guitar, vocals
Karinne Berstis - cello


Elaine Greer - vocals (tracks 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, & 10)
Alejandro Rose-Garcia - vocals (tracks 5 & 8)
James Alexander - viola (tracks 3, 5, 6, 7, & 9)
Henna Chou - cello (tracks 5, 8, 9, & 11)
Jenni Wieland - french horn (track 9)
Nathan J. Koch - bassoon (track 9)
Jacob Green - oboe (track 9)



all rights reserved


Hello Caller Austin, Texas

Dark folk, jangle rock. Hello Caller is a band from Austin, Texas.

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Track Name: In the Full Moonlight
Well there's a place in his blank, green eyes where things with fangs and sharp teeth hide. They say his glare will make your brightness blind; don't be afraid or be surprised. And he will swing with all his might into the trees with his knife. Sharpens the blade here on a steep incline, out in the rays of this pale moonlight.

The children have seen his soul and think they're who he's coming for.

So now in anger he'll swear he's right. His arms are flailing; he'll fight for what's contained in this great big lie and what remains now of his life. And he is strangled with breathing right, with bulging veins and bloodshot eyes. With human language at distant sight, he'll find his way out into the night.

But when this moonlight's full, he'll know what he's been longing for. We're sure he'll lose control, but we won't be around to know. We won't be around to know.
Track Name: Fits the Crime
Where two roads arrive, we said goodbye, goodbye. We'll find a way to get home, but do you stay to see it go? There is a way to explain it all. If we are wise, it doesn't show.

As we indulged in crimes, in late July, July. With no surprise to see us gone, this is the place to where we're drawn. So you can stay or you can come along. We have supplies that you can hold.

And true love survives in between knives and lies. If you're surprised, it doesn't show. Blink your eyes to watch it go, and take the time to understand it all. We are obliged to watch it grow.

And we'll all feel fine, so we'll all be fine. We think our lives are in control, set the pace to make it go. And who's to say we haven't changed at all? It fits the crime to be untold.

And we'll all decide, decide. And we'll all be right, be right.
Track Name: Box Above the Belt
Well these things here are your clothes, put them on so we can go out in the rain. Come and see these people fight, it happens almost every night of the week. They're bleeding from their mouths, drinking water and spitting out into the drain. In this mellow streetlight gold, steady hands and broken souls, face to face.

Outside this rundown city bar, things just cannot seem to be harder to explain. But they're thinking with their mouths and drinking all of these things out into the day. "Please let me see all your cards," or so they'll say. "These pieces we have picked apart, just because."

Our old gloves left on the shelf, we'll put them on so we can box above the belt. Routine duty speaks for those of us who don't have anything to sell. Well you've been chasing all these hours, sitting up and standing down. Are you okay? Wearing out your skin and bones, you look just like you've seen a ghost. Are you looking at me?

You're speaking in a lonely tongue. What did you say? You said, "I curse myself for what I've done. Are we okay?" These reasons we have picked apart will hold their sway. They say what we have seen will now be lost, just because.
Track Name: Come Out Now
Come on son, come out on top. And maybe, this is what it costs. We're seeing things as they come undone. In replacement, this is all we've got.

You claimed it was impossible, I thought, and blamed it on a miracle I saw. It's a draining hall of fame that you have had, with a pain that comes from raising you like that.

I won't go, but you can come out now, where there won't be anything to shout about.
Track Name: Harkening Darkness
There was a wave that we hit from our side, taking water as she capsized. And we awake in a no man's land, with a no man's life, and it's passing before our eyes.

Burnt ground, walking on charred feet, we're hanging our heads down and sinking this body into itself. Shipwrecked and verging on misstep, we're here in the hundreds, wayward and sundrenched. We'll pace ourselves.

Hardpressed, deserted and chartless, entrenched in this gauntlet; it's making our palms sweat. The sun goes down. Stars out, we're making our charts now. To make every breath count, we're saving our grim doubts to save ourselves.

Burnt ground, walking on charred feet, we're hanging our heads down and sinking this body into itself. Walking through nonsense in harkening darkness, we're taking in stray hounds for dragging our heartbeat behind itself.

Parched breath, determined and heartless. We're cursing the names now who started the conquest, and casting spells.
Track Name: Stop and Watch
Are you just talk, are you just talk? Did you get caught, did you get caught? Did you take off fast enough? Always think it's cost you something you've lost. But you'll always think worse thoughts when you stop and watch.

The way you stay so lovely to know them each and every by heart. And when you say you're sorry it makes you think you're something you're not.

Are you in charge, are you in charge? Could you be bought, could you be bought? Would you be blind to pass it off? Are you inclined to stop and watch?
Track Name: We Caught Fire
We're all alone here, the city's quiet. You're drinking lonely, don't be shy. Your thoughts are aimless, your lips are dry. You're speaking only when required. We're taking shelter and building fires.

We thought we'd do fine.

The streets are empty, the gas is dry. We're leaving only when required. Your hands are cold here, right next to mine.

We saw things get dire. We thought we could die here.

Go raiding the stores, we'll throw bricks through glass doors. We'll go in and pull out what we find there. These pacing patrols of the neighbors will show that these places are known to be violent.

We called to cease fire. We're caught hand in jar. He thought we were liars; he says we conspire. We thought we caught fire.

Our stomach's empty; it hurts to sigh. We're missing only what's required. Our shelves are barren, our faucets dry. We thought we caught fire!
Track Name: Lurker Park
It's eighteen o'clock, she's taking a walk. It's just getting dark on the trail through the heart of Lurker Park. She tastes like a drawl, her face like a doll. She gets what she wants. She'll get what she wants.

Ooh, but she can't find him now.

He sleeps with a clock that keeps ringing off. And people, they talk of the sound and his knack for getting drunk. She knows what she wants, he's everything she's not. She can't brush it off, she can't shake it off.

Ooh, and so she slips into the dark and disappears down the path to Lurker Park.

Braving the loss, embracing the flaws. You're facing the stars, and breaking the fall. Here's to the cause.
Track Name: Dark Twain
Track Name: When the Wind Blows
This building's tall; we'll climb and sneak our way inside. And if we fall without a net, we'll surely die. In sinking fog, it's hard to see how high we've climbed.

We're in the breeze, we're getting clean when the wind blows. We're in the trees, we're climbing in through your windows.

Ooo ooh ooohhh

The quickest way from there to here is the way we came, without the front doors. We'll disappear; we're staying free without a name, without a nickel.

They know who we are because we say that's who we are. They know who we are because we said that's who we are.

We'll say we are who we say we are.

We'll say we are who we say we are, who we say we are.
Track Name: There's Nothing Wrong
Our job is through, we're taking off. Driving you home, there's nothing wrong. You swerved into a speeding car. Stay with me now, you're trailing off.

I don't know who you learned it from, but you knew all of it, what makes you hollowed out.

You started to.

Someday soon we'll all be through, remembering things we never thought that we knew. And it all goes in circles to become something new, and leaves all the things it no longer can do.

You start anew to figure out. I'll drive you home, there's nothing wrong. You fell into somewhere dark. I don't know how, you're fading off. I don't know who you think you are. Don't cheer me on, it's all your fault. I fell into your scheming plot. I'm saving up and pressing on.

You start anew.